Acquiring Management

Take control of your Acquiring relationships and route your transactions in the most efficient way possible.

With a growing number of Integrations you will find the right partner to provide services to your merchants.

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The Basic features to offer your merchants

Transaction Routing

It's all about conversion rates, route transactions to the best partner by Payment method, Currency, BIN country, Type of card, Amount, Payer profile and many more.

Risk Rules

Analyze your traffic and set limits by Card/Email and prevent misuse of your platform, setting the right limits and risk rules will protect you and your partners and make sure only approved traffic gets passed on.

White/Black lists

Risk rules and Transaction routing reach new hights when you incorporate pre vetted lists of users, make smarter decisions and let your merchants enjoy smarter limits when it comes to their VIP clients.

Affiliate Management

When working with resellers transparency is the best policy, use our Partners-Control-Panel will show your Affiliates their traffic and Rev share. Use Admin to configure the split to your Affiliates and more.

Settlement Management

When working as a payment facilitator you can manage your settlement cycles, rolling reserves, Buy rates, Sell rates, extra fees and more.

Recurring Billing

Use our Recurring engine to build payment schedules and offer your merchant with the tools they need to expend their businesses.

Admin Interface

Our Admin portal is the main interface where you will manage your activity - the admin will be the center that will define the permissions and monitor all other interfaces.

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Transaction Routing

Take control of your processing, route transactions by BIN, Transaction amount, Payment method, VIP clients and convert between currencies to improve the chances for a transactions to be approved by the issuer.

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Transaction Monitoring

Monitor transactions as they come in, identify issues and adjust terminals as needed - Upload supporting documents to a transaction and manage any disputes that may arise.

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Reports Interface

You have to look at the Macro to better understand the Micro, use our Reports interface to get more insights about your traffic, merchants, banks and so much more - Need a custom report? we can build that too.

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Merchant Control Panel (MCP)

Allow your merchants full control and visibility of their activity using our Merchant Control Panel - they will able to create landing pages, product pages, monitor transactions and more.

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Partner Control Panel (PCP)

To expand your business with Partners you need to work with them in full transparency, this is why we built the PCP to allow your affiliates to monitor their activity.

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Our ever growing Network

Helping companies Globally

Our growing network of clients are helping each other grow by working together on a simple to use connector network.

Leverage our existing integrations or bring your own - our developers would be happy to integrate to new providers.


Always in sync no matter where you are

No matter where you are, stay in sync across interfaces.
Collaborate with your team anywhere, from sitting on the train to sitting on the beach.Working with your team has never been easier .

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