Onboard and Analyze

Monitor your onboarding flows and take Action when needed without lifting a finger.

Onboarding Rules Engine
Merchant Status
CHB History
Legal Name
Parent Company
3rd Parties
Contact Details
Anticipated Amounts
Rolling Reserve
Decline Ratio
IP address
Shipping Policy
Apply Rules
Apply Templates
Update Status
Update Status
Trigger Email

The only Onboarding-Rules-Engine you will need.

The right combination of Rules and Conditions will allow you to onboard new merchants with ease and automate even more tasks.

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Processing History

Analyze the account's processing history and set actions based on it.

Ownership Details

Analyze ownership details and trigger third party checks based on the information.

Company Location

Based on country or state of incorportation set certain params or templates to better fit your accounts.

Risky Industries

Set thresholds based on the industry of the account and automatically assign routing and risk templates.

Related Accounts

Analyze the application info and scan other account to validate in case any info is duplicated and connected.

Email triggers

Set result rules and email triggers in case certain info was found under one of the accounts.

Automate your Onboarding flows

Collect all the information you need from your customers and submit it to the system via our interfaces or via our API.

Once the application arrives to our system the preconfigured set of rules will analyze the data and go out to 3rd parties to continue with the validation.

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Endless Conditions and Actions

You can set your conditions for any field available in the system and decide which action the system needs to take when that condition is met.

You can Trigger the rules as many times as you like either via automated workflows, API call or manually via the interfaces.

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The Backend-As-A-Service for your Value Added Service

Payment Pages

Online shops (Cart)

Transaction Routing

Landing Pages

Global Payouts

Recurring Billing

"Our Customers are our Partners ,
We pride ourselves in being the technology provider they need in order to grow their business, the more they grow the more WE grow "

Eliad Saporta, CEO

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