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Merchant Control Panel is the merchant interface which provides the merchant with different tools in order to control and monitor their traffic and customers.

Home page provides the merchant general information and statistics regarding his processing. Comparison of months and days help the merchant to analyze his progress on daily basis in the simplest way. Home Page will guide you to use the tools at hand to find and make sense of your traffic.


Transaction is divided to Approved, Transactions, declined transactions, pending processing, Refund requests, Customer search and Rolling Reserve. Transaction management as a concept gives you the tools to monitor all of your activity and make calculated decisions given the responses you receive from the system or from your partners.

Recurring Transactions

Recurring payments are automated transactions that take effect on a preset date upon making a subscription. Other common uses for recurring payments are memberships, online lessons, digital content and more.
A series is defined as a batch of transactions, each with its own parameters. Those parameters are the same for all transaction in the series at the moment of the series creation.
However, each transaction can be edited, deleted, paused etc. (e.g subscriptions)


This feature will enable the merchant to create his own online shop.
First, create your “about us” text, privacy policy and terms & conditions. Multiple languages can be used in parallel.
you can create new products and change their appearance on your online shop.
The creation form will be updated based on your initial selection:

  • Physical – use this for products you need to deliver to you customer (actual goods).
  • Virtual – use this for services given (such as Donations, Subscriptions, etc.)
  • Download – use to enable file download (such as e-books and music) Product picture

Select price, currency, installments, Authorize Transaction. The merchant can allow his customers to set the amount they pay (mostly for donations) or create a recurring payment (for subscriptions).
Using Shops feature the merchant can enable multiple product configurations. For example: color, size, etc.., Tags (to improve Customer navigation) and category.


Finance section provides the merchant with tools to track their finance matters in front of the PSP in an easy way.
The finance section operates on two levels:
Finance related to merchant’s processing – the merchant can go over and review his processing settlements, settlement preview and unsettled balance,
Finance related to merchant’s digital wallet – in terms of digital wallet, the merchant can view his account balance, add beneficiaries and set payments to 3rd party accounts.

Credit Card Charge

Virtual terminal means that the interface will act as a POS and will enable you to transmit a transaction and charge prepaid or credit cards.
In the virtual terminal make sure to enter all the possible information you have on the client, in a case of charge back you will have a weaker case facing the credit card companies.
The virtual terminal service is meant for MOTO transactions (Mail Order Telephone Order) cases where the client gives the merchant the credit card information and trust him not to misuse them.


There are several built-in reports you can generate per desired date range. Each generated report can be downloaded and exported for further analysis (if required).

Manage Limited Users

If your account is being managed by several employees, it is advised to set up unique login information for each one. Users can be created, edited or deleted.
Permissions can be set for each one to enable access to desired functions only.

Reach out one of our teamates to learn more about transaction functinality in your furuere Gateway.

Admin Interface


Partner Control Panel


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