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Frequently asked questions
about Backend-As-A-Service

Is Coriunder a Payment Gateway?

YES we are, the foundation of our system is a Fully PCI level 1 certified payment gateway. Upon that base we have added many tools and services to allow you to manage all of your processing workflows.

How does Coriunder reduce my PCI compliance scope?

As a client, you will be using our PCI certification to present to the acquirers you wish to work with, a SAQ-D will be required to indicate to your partners that you are using us for PCI related services.

What methods of integration do you offer?

Your merchants will be able to integrate either using our Hosted page integration or using Server to Server provided they are compliant with PCI requirements. You can learn more by visiting our documentation at https://devcenter.coriunder.cloud

Does Coriunder ever hold my funds directly?

NO, we are your technology partner, all relationships with the banks are handled solely by your team and we focus on enabling the integration so you can offer these services to your merchants.

Will my merchants know I am using Coriunder?

No, our White-label payment gateway offering puts you in the front, all of our interfaces will be fully branded and will be configured as Sub-domains under YOUR main domain - we will remain behind the scenes to assist in any way we can.

What currencies are supported?

We support all currencies that are supported by your Acquiring partners, our system also supports currency conversion so you can improve your approval ratio.

Do you manage the onboarding process?

We manage the onboarding process directly in the system using our ORE system (Onboarding Rules Engine), you can register an account via the API or our interfaces.

Are you the one issuing the IBANs?

Our system handles the IBAN creation using 3rd party infrastructure providers, you can use our system with any provider you like and manage the balances internally on our end.

How does the integration works with the 3rd party providers?

You sign up with each provider you wish to work with and our platform allows you to connect the credendials and start transacting, we sync between the accounts and generate the balance rows per account.

Can i work with segregated accounts?

Of course, we support all workflows, you can also work with several providers in parallel with different workflows.

Can i charge my fees using the system?

Of course, the system calculates all relevant fees both flat fees and percentage fees and transfers them into your "System account".

Do you support affiliates on the banking vertical?

Of course, you can set the rev share on each balance transfer and the system will calculate and allocate the relevant fees to their account.

Does we issue the cards under our license?

We focus on the technology, you signup with with your chosen provider and cover everything else.

Do you provide a frontend for the customer?

Of course, you can use our Banking/Business portal to give your customers the interface they need to manage their balance and cards.

Can we build our own interfaces?

Of course, we provide over 280 API calls to give you the tools you need to build your own front end.

Can i issue loyalty cards?

You can use our issuing system to configure your own BIN number and issue closed loop cards connected to our wallets, any transaction request using one of our cards will validate against the wallet balance.

Do you support Card to Card payments?

Card to card transaction can either be sent to the provider or used via our wallet to wallet API in the case the balance is connected to an internal wallet.

Do you manage the Seller onboarding?

Our Onboarding Rules Engine will allow you to onboard your sellers within seconds and allow them to start selling moments after finishing the application.

Do you manage the buyer onboarding?

We offer a full Customer API and management tools that will allow you to create your buyers on our platform.

Can the Seller manage their inventory on the platform?

The sellers can create their products either via API or via our MCP and you can pull the products to your Marketplace.

Do you offer a back office for the Sellers?

Of course, our fully branded Merchant Control Panel will give your Seller all the info and tools they need to build their business.

Do you calculate my fees for each order?

On each order we calculate the Buy rates, Sell rates and affiliate fees so you can keep track of your orders and margins.

Can i payout the Sellers from the platform?

Of course, our extended Payout Management System calculates your margins and your Seller fees and prepares the payment order that needs to be processed by the system.

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