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The Backend-As-A-Service for your Value Added Service

Payment Pages

Online shops (Cart)

Reporting Portals

Landing Pages

Responsive Design

Peer to Peer API

Admin Interface

Our Admin portal is the main interface where you will manage your activity - the admin will be the center that will define the permissions and monitor all other interfaces.

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Reports Interface

You have to look at the Macro to better understand the Micro, use our Reports interface to get more insights about your traffic, merchants, banks and so much more - Need a custom report? we can build that too.

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Merchant Control Panel (MCP)

Allow your merchants full control and visibility of their activity using our Merchant Control Panel - they will able to create landing pages, product pages, monitor transactions and more.

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Partner Control Panel (PCP)

To expand your business with Partners you need to work with them in full transparency, this is why we built the PCP to allow your affiliates to monitor their activity.

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UI Services

Learn more about our landing pages and custom payment pages so you can offer the best options to your merchants and help them convert more customers.

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Development Center

Its all about simplifying the integration process, the easier it is the faster your clients will connect - Learn about our documentation center.

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Onboarding Portal

Onboarding is an important part of a company's journey, the easier it is to signup, the more clients you will board, use the portal to board both individuals and corporates.

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Our ever growing Network

Helping companies Globally

Our growing network of clients are helping each other grow by working together on a simple to use connector network.

Leverage our existing integrations or bring your own - our developers would be happy to integrate to new providers.