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From Operators to Providers - a different approach to operations

We started our professional journey in the payment industry over 10 years ago working for different Payment Service Providers globally.

The need for a wide range management system to manage the day-to-day was growing on a daily basis and that was when we decided to change our place in the ecosystem from Operators and become Providers to other Operators in the market.

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Building an Ecosystem - It is all about connecting the people

To manage the traditional relationship between a Merchant and an Acquirer is simply not enough anymore, your clients are interacting with other users on your platform from different types such as Affiliates, Customers and Issuers

From Balance transfers to rev-share calculation, the relationship management tools in the system will allow you to extend your services and offer many Value Added Services to your clients.

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The Backend-As-A-Service for your Value Added Services

Payment Pages

Online shops (Cart)

Transaction Routing

Landing Pages

Global Payouts

Recurring Billing

"Our Customers are our Partners ,
We pride ourselves in being the technology provider they need in order to grow their business, the more they grow the more WE grow "

Eliad Saporta, CEO

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