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Partners Control Panel

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Partner Control Panel

When you work with different people, trust is essential. In order to maintain a good relationship, both parties must be clear to each other, this is primarily important in businesses. To expand your business with Partners and affiliates, you need to work with them in full transparency.

This is why we built the Partner Control Panel (PCP). This interface allows your partners to view and take action regarding their related customers or merchants. You can manage the pages that you wish to display to the Partner and guarantee transparency. This promotes trust between Partners in a business.

Don't leave money on the table

One primary advantage of having an affiliate/partner program is that it is performance-based. This means that when the top party earns money, only then will the lower party earn their part of the money. Affiliates are only paid a commission once the admin has earned his commission.
So, if you want more profit, you'll need more affiliates. Enlist the help of trusted affiliates and get ready for more sales with a strong return on investment. Keep the chain going for Increased profits.
More affiliates equal to more Income.

System Features

Transaction management

The main feature of the partner control panel is transaction management. Transaction management allows your partners to view all the merchants being dealt with. It enables your Partner / Affiliate to be in control of the relevant merchants. Transparency with your Affiliate will allow your Affiliate to be aware of the merchant's status, encourage them to process, and check with them on a regular basis in order to increase efficiency. In a nutshell, your affiliates will have a crystal-clear look at merchants and will be able to monitor their transactions. This, as a result, Increases trust.


The Partner Control Panel also has the feature of exporting reports. Reports are crucial as they contain summarized details about all the merchants. The Partner's interface provides the Partner with the option to export Approved and Declined reports for his own records and convenience.

Typically, the Partner is the one to refer the merchant to you, so in order to achieve the best performance, reports are the best way. In this way, you can get complete details about the merchant's performance and make improvements accordingly.

Settlements management

Settlement management is essential to encourage the Affiliate or Partner to increase their performance. It motivates them to perform better, thus increasing efficiency.
Settlement management provides your Affiliate with the necessary information around how much he earned from each merchant that was referred by him. It shows the total commission earned, with details about how much earned from which merchant. The affiliate commission is derivative from his merchant settlements.

Customer management

The partner control panel also gives the Partner or Affiliate, the access to customer data.
Partner or Affiliate can also manage his customers directly without day to day intervention from the admin.
This means that the admin will not create a bottleneck. A bottleneck is when all the crucial decisions are in the hand of the admin and if the admin is not present, all the decisions become pending, and the business slows down.
By giving access to partners or affiliates, you can ensure a smooth flow of business transactions. The Partner can add or withdraw balance for a customer, update his details, generate a new password, and much more.
You as admin is setting the permissions to the affiliates, so if you’ll decide to manage the balances by yourself, you can disable to Add Balance permission to the Partner. With all this access, if a problem occurs and the admin Is not present, the Partner or Affiliate can quickly sort things out.

Balance management

Affiliates can also manage the balance of customers through the partner control panel.
Affiliates have different roles when it comes to Balance Management.
The Affiliate has visibility to customers balances; he can transfer funds from one customer to another, add balance and the balance history for the customer connected to the program. This Is another way of preventing a bottleneck caused by the admin.
If the admin Is not present to transfer funds to the customer, then the affiliate or partner can transfer the funds as he has the access. As a result, this ensures a smooth flow in the business.

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