Our BAAS includes an interface for every type of account.

There is never a "one size fits all" when it comes to managing your business

The Interfaces
Get to know our interfaces, and the services we offer.

Our package includes 9 interfaces and Million features - learn more about our features by visiting our features Blog.

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The main interface to manage all of your activities.


High-level reporting on all aspects of your activity.


An interface to allow your merchants visibility to their processing.


An interface to allow your Partners to monitor their referrals.


The documentation interface for developers.


250 API calls to build apps.


Payment pages and Product pages


Our Banking frontend for corporate and individuals.

From A to Z - a fully branded experience

Our interfaces, all 9 of them, are fully branded to your brand from colors to domains.

Build your payments brand without letting the world know you are using us - It is all about YOU.

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An interface for every Account - Everyone is getting a special treatment

We have been doing this for a while and we know that every account you have needs a different set of services.

Every interface is tailored to your clients needs and allows them to perform the tasks they need to handle.

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The Backend-As-A-Service for your Value Added Service

Payment Pages

Online shops (Cart)

Transaction Routing

Landing Pages

Global Payouts

Recurring Billing

"Our Customers are our Partners ,
We pride ourselves in being the technology provider they need in order to grow their business, the more they grow the more WE grow "

Eliad Saporta, CEO

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Our team will walk you through the system and will focus the session on the topics that you are more interested in.