One Gateway to rule them all

Backend-As-A-Service to launch your PSP/ Wallet


"Our Backend was built for PSPs and Fintechs,
We all came from a background of being Operators and when we saw the market needed better solutions, we decided to become Providers"

Eliad Saporta, CEO

One interface to manage them ALL

Our Admin interface is the center of all interfaces, control your configurations, limits, permissions and more. All other interfaces on all level will take their configurations from Admin and will allow you to view everything that happens on your platform.

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Manage your Acquiring

Take control of your Acquiring relationships, from transaction routing to reconciliation - We allow you to manage all financial aspects of a transaction, from "Buy rate" to "Sell rate" and your margins.

Our Settlement management module will give you the full control you need, group settlements, Rolling Reserve Wire transfers and more.

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Manage your Programs, from Wallets to Issuing

Our Customer management module will allow you build the next big payment application (Wallet), from Friend Requests, sub-accounts and full KYC management.

Connect your wallet application to a Either a branded Prepaid card or issue your own brand with our "Closed-Loop" prepaid cards (Loyalty) - Now supporting virtual IBANs to each wallet.

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Built for Developers

It is all about the services - We provide an easy to use API, that will allow you to offer your clients, the way to integrate both to our processing engine and to our user management Backend-As-A-Service.

With over 250 API calls you can allow them to integrate to your Payment processing options from Credit cards to Alternative Payment Methods and to our User management capabilities.

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PSP As A Startup approach

Backend-As-A-Service(BAAS) and the payment service provider

Coriunder Pricing

Our affordable pricing plan



      Per Month

      $1,000 Setup

      • Sub-Account under one of our Clients
      • Sync to production database
      • 8 interfaces included (Not Admin)
      • User management
      • Ecommerce management
      • Unlimited app tokens
      • Powered by "Our Client" logo


      Per Month

      $5,000 Setup

      • Full Branding
      • Sync to production database
      • Transaction Routing
      • All interfaces included
      • User management
      • Merchant management
      • Affiliate management
      • Unlimited app tokens

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