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Smart Routing

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Configure as many terminals needed on a merchant level and allow the system to route the transaction to the relevant bank – route based on Currency / Payment method / Country / Merchant control / Cascading and more.

Routing the transactions increases efficiency

Admin’s interface provides you with the tools to maximize processing performance.
Smart routing of the merchant’s transactions will enable you to route the transaction to the bank with the highest chances that the transaction will pass through.
Smart routing means sending the transaction to the acquiring bank or PSP where it is most likely to succeed.
The system allows you to connect your merchants to a global network of acquirers and PSPs and provide the merchants with wide processing limits.

Smart routing is designed to get you and your merchants the best approval rates.


In addition to smart routing your traffic based on Currency / Payment method / Country, you can also cascade your traffic to different banks in case that the first bank declines the transaction.

If one acquiring bank declines a transaction another might approve it. With the diversity of payment methods and terminals, your merchants can accept customers from different places and with different payment methods.
This process is invisible to your customers and helps assure higher approval ratios and more volume processed.

Most of the PSPs would usually like to process with many payment acquirers/processors. Each acquirer serves some services better than others.

Smart routing:

  • Improve success rate by providing a greater number of methods of payments (card types, etc).
  • A transaction failed on one acquirer may pass on another.) If one acquires is down for some reason, other acquirers will still be able to process transactions.
  • International transactions
  • Dynamic currency conversion

Add as many payment methods as possible to your merchants to ensure better approval rates. Use the cascading features to process with few banks at the same time and always be ready with additional banks.

Transaction Management


Currency Conversion


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