Banking 101

Backend-As-A-Service for everything payments, build a banking platform, connect to a prepaid program or build it.

From managing the Onboarding process of your clients to allowing them to send funds and even friend requests to other users on the platform - Build the Ecosystem your customers are looking for.

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"Our Balance-Management-System will allow you to build the payment flows you need and enable any third-party connectivity you need during the transaction flow"

Eliad Saporta, CEO

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Payments Oriented User Management

Customer Onboarding

Whether they signup via our portals or via API, you have all the tools you need to collect your customer details and consent - Build GDPR compliant workflows and simply your Backend development.

KYC Management

Once the Account is created you can upload supporting documents, validate the account, activate his device and other validation tools - Custom development is also optional.

Balance Management

Each Account on the platform has its own balance account and once the balance is added he can transfer funds from one account to the other on the platform. Transfer limits can be configured to make sure balances are transferred within Regulation limits.

Currency conversion

Take control of your currency exposure, allow your accounts to transfer between currencies and convert with ease while maintaining your margin and spreads. All conversions are logged and presented for future reconciliation.

Friend Requests

We understand that even financial applications have a social element and that is why we added support for Friend requests and Friend relation groups to allow you to build the social elements of your product using our product.

Payout Management

Money-In is basic functionality, the BIG question is how to handle Money-Out - Use our Wire module to take control of your payouts along with cost management and fee structures. Automated Payouts are available with Selected Banks.

One Balance Request -
Endless options

Every Balance Request is broken down into multiple Balance Rows which gives you the visibility you need into the money movement in the system.

Track your account balances and the fee movement between accounts and your payment institution.

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Balance Request
Affiliate fee
Source fee
Target fee
Conversion fee
Debit Account
Credit Account
Payout Request
Wire Fee
Payout Draft
Approval Process
3rd Parties

Payout Requests -
Extending Relationships

Allow your Accounts to manage their connections and beneficiaries, using our Payout management tools they will be able to onboard their beneficiaries and payout with ease.

For advanced clients, you will be able to offer additional tools such as Payout Drafts and more.

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Admin Interface

Our Admin portal is the main interface where you will manage your activity - the admin will be the center that will define the permissions and monitor all other interfaces.

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Balance Rows

Every Balance Request leads to the movement of funds between account, one account receives money, the other sends it, and fees need to be deducted and credited - ALL these interactions are called Balance Rows.

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Balance Requests

All of our "Accounts" (Merchants/Corporates/Customers/Affiliates and even Banks) have a Balance account allowing them to transfer their balance freely within the system and even request to transfer to a third-party beneficiary if needed.

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Payout management

Allow your clients to send funds to third-party beneficiaries, monitor the workflows and conversion. All accounts can be managed manually and automatically.

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Banking Portal

Banking is an important part of a company's journey, the easier it is to signup, the more clients you will board, use the portal to board both individuals and corporates.

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Build the issuing program your
customers are looking for.

Choose your issuing partner and don't compromise on functionality - combine your processor's capabilities with our extensive API to build your offering.

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Distinctively expedite empowered "outside the box"


Distinctively expedite empowered "outside the box"


Distinctively expedite empowered "outside the box"

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