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Debit Companies Management

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Debit company management

As a payment gateway, we support over 300 integrations to acquiring banks and alternative payment methods providers.
You can take control of the settings and agreed on fees with you’re the banks, merchants, and affiliates to allow the system to calculate your final margins.


The primary feature of using our gateway Is complete control over rates.
You will have full control of the "Buy rate" and "Sell rate" configuration in the system.
You can configure the system according to your preference by determining both buy and sell rates. With this, you'll have full control over your margins, and you can swiftly calculate your profit. All the controls are at your fingertips.

Reply Codes 

In the debit company section, you will find the preloaded Reply codes provided by the bank.
You also have the power to control what the cardholder and merchant will see on their interfaces by merely clicking "Edit" on the relevant reply code.
From there, you can edit (in case that it’s not very clear)  and create the reply codes and hit Save to save the new changes. Now cardholders and merchants will see the updated description for the reply code that you have set.

Process with Multiple banks at the same time

You may have a large business that encompasses different countries.
You may have a small business that is limited dot only a few states.
Depending on your business model, you can choose a single bank or more banks to work with. It's always better to work with a few Banks / PSPs at the same time to increase approval rates and efficacy.

It also depends on the facilities that your banks provide. Each bank will provide a slightly different solution than the other, and together they will be more comprehensive. Processing with more banks, as a result, will enable more features and processing permissions than one bank.

For example, say bank A provides processing solutions for the traditional credit cards such as Mastercard and Visa. Say that bank B has a can provide you with different APM’s processing.
Finally, say your third bank C, is processing payments from countries that are not Included In the first two banks. This creates diversity, and you won't need to be reliant on a single bank.
Combining these 3 banks to 1 merchant will probably increase the merchant’s approval rate and enable the merchant to receive traffic from boarded regions and with different APM’s.

Working with multiple banks is not only suitable for wider converge but also for your risk management as PSP and cost-efficiency.
Some banks may provide lower rates for some specific countries, so you can choose to process with those banks first, which reduces your overall costs. Diversifying your payments to different banks will also help reduce overall risk, which Is discussed below.

In terms of risk assessment, when it comes to money and processing funds, there is a famous say don't put all your eggs in one basket.
It means don't just rely on one bank and use it alone for all your payments and fund transfers, but use as many as you can to make sure that you always covered with reserves.

Payments industry regulations changes frequently, and country laws may change. Regulation of banks can also be changed due to economic crises and political instability.
So, you should split your processing volume as PSP to different banks, and in case that one of the banks decided to shut down the provided solution, you already have few other solutions that you can route the traffic to without breaking the merchants' processing. This keeps your transactions flowing smoothly without hindering. 

New integrations

As stated before, we can also integrate with other banks and different payment service providers. In case you wish to integrate the system to more Banks or PSPs that you started working with, we can always do that.

All you have to do is to provide us with the relevant bank or payment service providers' API and test account. The rest will be taken care of by our technical team, as they will go over the details. 

For the full list of Debit Companies that we are currently integrated with, please check our Integrations page.

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