The DevZone is the place for developers to learn on how to integrate into the Coriunder platform and make the most out of the services Coriunder has to offer.

In DevZone you can find answers on technical matters of integration and operational instructions on how to best make use of the interfaces we offer our clients.

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Our full set of webservices will give you easy access to all your data and will enable you to build amazing apps with the front end you always wanted - check out the documentation and start building today.

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Payments are the heart and soul of every company - Our PCI level 1 system will enable you to integrate payment quickly to your app or service - start embedding payments today.

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Our merchants have access to every feature and data and the system and in order to manage your data securely we have built our control panel just for that - see the full documentation and learn how to make the best out of our interfaces.

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We believe in Partner based economy - in today's market we are all working together and our Affiliates are our Partners - each Partner gets access to all the data and transaction info he needs to manage their cash flow.

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We built our solution to provide the best backend system for early stage startups - from User management to inventory management our system will give you all the tools you need and MORE.
Learn how to build your solution with our platform today.

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Why waste time on complicated integrations - use our SDKs to integrate all of our services quickly and effectively. Choose from our list of SDKs from PHP, IOS, Android and Angular.

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