Give Your Merchant's Patners What They Need

Partners management is always the tricky part in buisness.
Wouldn't you love to give them an automated system to sell your merchant's products
and create more transactions and revenue?!
Give their partners what they need!
Be the best at what you do and run your business in the greatest way possible!

I Want Happy Partners!
What's Inside


Track Transactions

Your daily newsreport. Everything the partners needs to know about their operation.

Reconcile Funds

The hardest part of any partnership is now easier then ever!
Get on-demand reconciliation reports calculated by the merchant's settings.

CRM System

Allow the partners to be proactive and handle payment and customers when needed.
Let them work with your end customer.

A need to know basis

Partners are an inporant part of your customers' lifecycle. But they don't have to be involved in evry step of the process.
Keep your partners informed, but not too much.

See It In Action


What to expect inside


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